Zespri Sungold


Our new Zespri Sungold

Zespri SunGold is the sister of Zespri Green. Because innovation is central to everything Zespri does, special attention is paid to the improvement of current varieties and the continual development of new ones. During research, Zespri SunGold emerged as an exciting new variety with a delicious and refreshing taste. SunGold has yellow flesh and is smooth-skinned. Its flavour is deliciously juicy and sweet with a touch of freshness.

Did you know?

Name: Zespri Sungold

Biological name: Actinidia chinensis
Planch. var. chinensis ‘Hort16A’

From May to September: New-Zealand
From November to January: Italy & France

Shape: Fig-shape

Skin: Smooth, light to dark brown colour

Flesh: Pale golden colour

Flavour: Deliciously juicy and sweet with a touch of freshness

Tropically sweet

Delightfully sweet with a tropical touch: Zespri SunGold have a unique, surprising flavour. To enjoy the flavour at its best, we recommended you eat this golden-yellow kiwifruit directly from the fridge.

heart_icon_w Health booster

Zespri SunGold is a 100% natural variation of its green brother. This golden-yellow fruit is also packed with vitamins, minerals and other health boosters. With one golden kiwifruit you are consuming a hefty dose of vitamin C, fibre and potassium, as well as vitamin E and folic acid. The vitamins are kept fresh for a long time thanks to the golden kiwifruit low pH value.

What’s more, Zespri SunGold is naturally low in fat. Yet another reason to give into the sweet temptation of golden kiwifruit!