Kiwifruit is good for you

7 reasons to eat a kiwifruit every day

Why would you want to eat a kiwifruit? We could give you countless reasons. They can be a delicious snack or can be added as a surprise flavouring to your dishes. They are also easy to spoon out without any mess or fuss. Primarily, they are a first-rate health booster.

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Know what you are eating

Healthy eating begins with
knowing what you’re eating.

What is the fat, sugar and fibre content of Zespri kiwifruit? And, how many calories do they contain? It’s important to know what you’re eating and what your nutritional needs are in to remain healthy!

Number 1
in nutritional value

Anyone opting for a healthy lifestyle appreciates just how good kiwifruits are. Kiwifruit has the highest nutritional value score of all the popular fruit varieties.

This delicious Kiwifruit is brimming with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other essential elements which help to keep your body healthy and vital. SunGold kiwifruit has an index of 18.7 and Green kiwifruit 11.4. This is the highest nutritional value score among the most popular fruit varieties. This score shows the contribution which 100g fruit makes to the reference values (RCA) for a selection of 17 vitamins and minerals. The values used are recognised by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Nutrient Database of 2009. The nutritional density is calculated by dividing the nutritional value by the caloric value.

Nutrient adequacy score


Kiwifruit are one of the healthiest varieties of fruit. They are chock full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, they have a high nutritional value.

calories_icon How many calories
does a kiwifruit contain?


Calories are energy, so you need them to get through the day – although you should preferably not ingest too large a quantity at once. A Zespri Green Kiwifruit (100 grams) contains barely 81 kcal, the SunGold-yellow kiwifruit contains 79 kcal.

In short: the kiwifruit is a wholesome low-calorie treat!