Production Cycle

Kiwifruit grow on the branches of kiwifruit bushes, which are similar to grapevine tendrils.

Just as grapes have their ideal conditions, so do kiwifruits. And New Zealand provides the ideal conditions for growing kiwifruit. Plentiful sunshine, rain and just the right amount of chill in the winter as well as fertile, slightly acidic soil.

The growing season for kiwifruit is long:
up to 240 days a year.

icon_winter WINTER 
The first step is for the kiwifruit farmer to cut the tendrils. The tendrils will then start to grow again.

icon_spring SPRING
As Spring begins, the first buds begin to appear. Soon after the buds burst open to become kiwifruit flowers.. As is the case with many types of fruit, honeybees take care of the pollination. The flowers then turn into little berries.

icon_summer SUMMER
Over the summer months, the fruit grows and flourishes. The grower even has to prune to make sure that all kiwifruit has enough room.

icon_autumn AUTUMN
When the kiwifruits are well and truly ripe and of a good quality, they can be picked. Hundreds of kiwifruit pickers work at the same time on every plantation.  The kiwifruits that have been picked are taken to the warehouse, where they are stored for transport and ready for their journey to you!